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    Welcome to a world of Advanced Skin Care.

    Our advanced skin care therapy bar brings you the latest in skin care treatments using advanced technologies by integrating localized photo bio-stimulation, micro current technologies and skin resurfacing in our treatments. Bringing you superior longer lasting results, controlling and in some cases reversing the signs of aging.

    So whether your want:

    • younger looking skin
    • reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
    • tightening facial contour
    • increase your skins elasticity
    • improve enlarged pores, pigmentation and mild scars

     All with no downtime or adverse affects.

    Have a party or a big event? Maybe you’re getting married? 

    Then this is for you and you’re going to fall in love with these treatments. Known as the lunchtime facials with little to no downtime!

    Book yourself in beautiful.





    Facial (No Extractions)
    30-45min - $135, Package: $729

    Facial (With Extractions)
    60min - $165, Package: $891

    Chest or Back
    30min - $120

    20min - $65

    A non-surgical procedure that uses medical grade crystals from a natural mineral to gently remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin with the aid of a gentle vacuum suction. Helping to repair and prompt our skin to produce more collagen and elastin proteins. Leaving your skin soft and refined. This treatment effectively restores radiance. Removes dead skin cells. Refines pores. Accelerates skin renewal and repair. Increases dermal density. This treatment gives your skin that gorgeous glow you’ve been waiting for

    This is ideal for:

    • sun damaged skin
    • hyperpigmentation
    • comedones
    • fine lines and wrinkles
    • enlarged pores
    • dull and congested skin
    • uneven skin tones
    • mild to moderate acne scars
    • minor surgical scars mild to moderate stretch marks

    We recommend that package treatments be done in 7-10 day intervals for ultimate results.

    Thereafter to be maintained once a month.


    45 min $135 Package: $729

    Provides complete rejuvenation! LED, photo-energy and micro-currents are applied simultaneously. This treatment provides advanced treatment solutions to fight the aging process at the epidermal, dermal and muscular levels. You will see increased cell renewal, decreased pore size, decreased redness and pigmentation problems. Stimulated fibroblast cells, Increased collagen production, decreased collagenase and restored intercellular communication. Produces smoother skin and decreased wrinkles. Lifts sagging muscles and restores muscle tone.

    For optimum lifting results treatments should be scheduled twice a week at 2 to 3 day intervals.

    Maintenance 1-2 treatments per month depending on clients age, skin and lifestyle activity.


    30min - $88,  Purelight only Package: $475 

    1.5hrs - $200, Acne Facial with Purelight Treatment

    Uses blue light therapy which kills P-acne bacteria. Great for treating acne vulgaris. It’s natural and non-invasive. When combining blue light therapy with comedone extraction, skin will look invigorated, have improved skin texture and tone and diminished sebum secretions. Unlike lasers and IPL, purelight targets bacteria without thermally affecting the surrounding tissues. Sebaceous glands will return to their natural state without being thermally altered. It relies on the interaction of the “violet” light with acne bacteria. This interaction generates singlet oxygen which attacks and kills the bacteria responsible for acne.

    For optimum results 1-3 times per week.




    45min - $88, Package: $475

    1.5 hrs - $225 with microdermabrasion -does not include extractions, Package, $1215

    Is designed to reduce the production of melanin in the skins targeted area. Can reduce redness, pigmentation and skin discoloration. Uses advanced natural light technology, which creates a photo bleaching effect on the melanin deposits in the skin. Reduces the appearance of hyper-pigmented skin. For optimal results best to be done in a series of treatments and combined with microdermabrasion.

    For optimum results 1-2 times per week and maintained once a month.


    30min - $70, Package: $378

    Uses impulse micro currents. Helps to lift neck and neckline. Ideal for sagging jowls, neck and décolletage. Stimulates and re-educates the muscles to lift and restore facial contour for a younger and healthier looking skin and a smoother neckline.

    Optimum results are based on 2 treatments per week

    Thereafter to be maintained once per month


    90min - $235, Package: $1269

    This includes Microdermabrasion, Kinelift and Dermalift.

    No extractions are performed in this treatment.

    Optimum results are based on 1 treatment per week. 

    Maintenance 1-2 treatments per month depending on clients age, skin and lifestyle activity.