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    Easy Decor Ideas......

    Easy Decor Ideas......

    Winter can be gloomy and miserable. Why not change up your space and put a little smile on your face?

    One easy and budget friendly way to change things up is by adding small decor pieces here and there. 

    Start by removing your things that you're not really loving anymore. For example that vase with the dried flowers that's been sitting in the corner of your living room for years. If it's a dust collector. Get rid of it. 

    Time to add a bit of fun and flair to your home. Wall art is a huge and inexpensive way to add some fun to all areas of your home. 

    For example this piece in a living room area, perhaps near a bar cart would be adorable.

    Shop this piece here | Trust Me You Can Dance


    Another great piece would be using a macrame wall hanging. Don't you remember your grandparents having these? Well not only are they back they are super trendy right now. 

    For a great feature wall. You can use them in groupings like this. It not only adds warmth to your space but adds an element of texture and visual scape to the eye. 


    Photo credit: Pinterest


    You can also add one in an entryway by adding it next to pieces like this. Adding a mirror and using the woven basket give different textures, heights, shapes and elements. 


    By adding plants you're giving your space life and a lived in vibe. Mixing elements of nature is always a good thing. 

    You can shop these Macrame wall hangings below 

    Kerala | Loha | Malda


    Low on storage? Adding weaved baskets to your space also add dimension and is a great addition to hold your cozy knitted blankets or extra pillows. You can also add this to a bathroom to store you toilet paper or magazines. Or add a tall plant inside. I love how this seagrass one has pom poms and is multi colored which gives depth and a modern vibe. 

    Shop this here | Pom Pom Basket


    I love these wall art pieces. I think they are a lovely addition to a dressing area or a walk in closet. Have a small space? Find a wall and create a look around it. By adding something that has a fun saying such as these you can place it near a clothing rack or open shelving where you keep your makeup or where you get dressed.

    Shop this here | I've Never Been A Millionaire


    Or this one to inspire us to get up everyday and be the best we can be.

    Shop this here |  No Matter How You Feel


    My favorite element in every room are candles. Not only do they add warmth and light but the scented can envelope your home with scents of nostalgia, romance and relaxation. My favorite candles are non toxic soy based ones. Other candles emit toxins that can harm our loved ones, pets and the environment. 

    These candles feature a double wick. A burn time of 60-80 hrs depending on the size. Are non toxic and made of soy and some of them have wooden tops which I think is the greatest invention ever. Not only does it keep the dust from getting on the candle but keeps your space looking neat and tidy. These candles are modern and feature fun quotes like this.



    Shop this here | Good Vibes Only

    Good Vibes Only - Candle By Damselfly

    Good Vibes Only - Candle By Damselfly


    Or this one would be perfect on a dressing table, area where you do yoga or meditate or by your bathtub for those long nights where you just want to relax and chill.


    Just Breathe - Candle By Damselfly

    Shop here | Just Breathe


    I hope this inspires you to add some fun new pieces into your home. Little details can add so much love and joy to a home. Mixing textures and shapes along with scents can really add dimension. And lastly make use of all of our fives senses. Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, and Touch when decorating in your home. 

    Having things around you that you love to look at and inspire you like wall art. The sound of music playing in the background. Having a gorgeous candle lit and the scent enveloping the room. Making dishes that inspire you to want to cook more. And having different textures like a wall hanging or a blanket that you want to cuddle up in.

    Little things can make a world of difference in how you see your home and how others see it too.


    Hope you enjoyed this blog post let me know need any ideas decorating or what you would like to see next.


    XOXO, Marie



                    LET'S SEE WHO'S BEEN NAUGHTY OR NICE

    Our holiday gift guide has something for everyone on your list. 
    From affordable gifts under $10, to the person who is so hard to shop for.
    We made it super easy all you do is click the link on what you like and it takes you straight to the shop. We've got you covered babe....

    Happy Shopping!


                      ALL DOLLED UP BAR HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2018 


    under $10

    This face mask is great for anyone and everyone!

    The perfect little spot to keep your rings.

    These fun little coin/gift card wallets are perfect for keeping change and storing all those gift cards. We love all the cute sayings like this one. More styles online.


    You can never go wrong with a S'well Bottle keeps their coffee hot for 12 hours and their water cold and refreshing for 24hrs. Lots of styles online.

    Or this gorgeous candle.

    Or for the cool boss, these funky socks.


    Or this BEST DAY EVER mug.


    These hilarious socks will get a laugh out of them for sure!

    Show her that she is the Queen Bee.


    These reversible pillows that are done in bright white and gold with the words "MR. RIGHT & MRS. ALWAYS RIGHT.

    Or these adorable dish towels that also say MR. RIGHT & MRS. ALWAYS RIGHT.


    Monogrammed necklaces are super trendy right now. These are done in matte gold metal. All you have to do is choose their initial.


    Under $30 for Him or Her

    These funny wine glasses, choose from 3 styles.

    Or this funny dish towel.

    You can never go wrong with funny socks!
    Here are a few we think you'll get a kick out of. 

    Don't grow up it's a trap!

    I can't adult today!

    Show em' how Canadian they are.


    These adorable dish towels for the holidays will always start a conversation and they are re-usable year after year.

    Check out our blog post on how you can wrap this around a bottle of  wine for the host.

    Or these adorable mini ceramic dishes filled with treats that you baked or a delicious dip/pate.

    And include these fun spreaders.


    These adorable plates to place all their goodies from the kitchen.

    Or for the avocado lover this adorable serving set for guacamole with serving spoon.

    These fun socks "HOLD ON, I'M TAKING A PIC OF MY FOOD".

    Or this adorable set of baking dish towels.


    They love getting pampered so it makes sense to get them a gift card to their favorite place @ALL DOLLED UP BAR and we've made it so easy you just order it for any amount right online from the comfort of your own home. Just print it out and give it to them. Gift cards can be used for services and products in store and online!

    Teens are all about netflix these days. So get them these reversible cozy sweatshirts that say "Chill Mode" on one side and "Party Mode" on the other. 


    And for your not so teenager anymore these hilarious socks are sure to get their attention "I STILL LIVE WITH MY PARENTS".

    For those who travel the world. These Luggage tags are fun and bright and perfect cause you can spot them on your luggage.

    These luxe beauty travel sets from Lalicious are the perfect travel companion.


    These socks are way too cute!

    For the dog mamas out there. we have pug ones online too!

     Don't worry we didn't forget about the cat lovers out there.

    Or this adorable pillow "CRAZY CAT LADY".


    These new S'well bottles have a flip top which makes it super easy to drink from while your spinning, running on the treadmill or cycling up a storm.

    These tanks, tees, and fitness gear are super cute and fun to wear to the gym or while running errands around town.

    These comfortable toeless socks with no slip grip bottom are totally an accessory every yogi needs. Especially with all the fun sayings. More styles online.


    Who wouldn't love any of these super cute makeup bags? 

    This comes in a set of three.

    Or this fancy one that can be used as a clutch. More styles online.

    We have found the best eye pencils and brow powders they are our top sellers and for anyone that loves doing their brows they will love these products!

    And for the most delicious lip glosses you won't regret any of these by Sara Happ they are hydrating, plumping and leave your lips looking luscious. Our favorite red for the holidays.

    Or give them one of our luxe scrubs from Lalicious.

    Or this gorgeous bubble bath and shower gel all in one!

    Or one of our pretty polishes from butter london so they can do their own nails whenever they want.

    FOR HIM 

    These hilarious socks "OFF DUTY, GO ASK MOM".

    Or these funny socks "AIN'T NO BAD JOKE LIKE A DAD JOKE".

    Or send them to work with this S'well and they can fill it with soup/chili/stews that stays warm for 12 hours.


    Our lingerie is made in Canada and is simply beautiful. Get her something pretty like this. and matching panties

    Our favorite perfumes are from Tocca.... we've made it easy and listed the notes online so you can choose based on what you think she would love. We love Bianca.

    Do you want to spoil her with jewelry then hide it in one of our jewellery boxes here.


    Who doesn't love to do a face mask? Kids and Tweens are all over this beauty regime.
    Here are some new ones that they will go crazy over! Check online for more!

    This bubble mask is super fun!

    Or this fun rose gold one that peels off!

    These adorable pins that they can put on their jackets, backpacks or clothes.

    Or these adorable signs for their rooms.

    Kids love our S'well bottles! Stuff them in their stockings and surprise them. Choose from any of our styles online here.

    Fun Christmas socks for kids and lots more online.


    They love to be comfy and these slippers are perfect for them!

    Or these delicious smelling soaps and hand cream.


    Keep him toasty with these funny socks.


    These candles and socks will have them in stitches!


    These slides are super cute and perfect for indoors or out!

    Or get matching bestie tees and where them out for brunch or dinner don't forget to take a pic! Come in white or black.

    Or these reversible sweatshirts that say "DAY PARTY"  and "NIGHT PARTY". Your OOTD and OOTN never looked so good!


    We know how little time mama's get for themselves so spoil them with a gift card for some me time at ALL DOLLED UP BAR easy peasy and can be done in any amount and purchased online from the comfort of your own home. Can be used in store for services/products or online!

    Give her a break with these adorable socks.


    We have tons of fun pillows like this one.

    Whatever the night brings.....

    Let them greet you at the door with these fun doormats.


    These adorable wine glasses come in 3 different sayings.

    Add this fun dish towel too.

    These wine coasters scream luxury.

    If you can read this....


    A gift card to their favorite store or to ALL DOLLED UP BAR

    Add these wallets so they can store all their gift cards and they don't get lost.
    Plus it looks so cute when they receive the gift and open it up to find a gift card hidden inside. Many more styles available online.  

    These ring holders and little trays are a sure fire gift that anyone would love.


    Our favorite hair products from Moroccanoil.


    You can never go wrong with a pair of "QUAY" sunglasses.

    Or these cool T Shirts.

    Thick cozy scarf always a great gift for winter.


    A Gift Card for a manicure is always a good idea! Shop here online.

    And stick it in a fun coffee mug. More styles online.

    Or these fun magnets that she can put up in class.

    Hope you all enjoyed the 2018 Gift Guide and be sure to check in store and online for more great gifts.  Feel free to share this with friends and family.

    We have a ton more products online just go to

    If you're not already.... LIKE and FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM, and FACEBOOK at ALL DOLLED UP BAR.
    And Tag us at #alldolledupbar with your purchases/services

    This season.....
    You don't have to spend a lot, but think about the person that you're buying for and get them something they'll appreciate and love.

    We love you guys so much and thank you for always supporting local not only in our Toronto Beauty Bar + Lifestyle shop but to our online shoppers as well we love that your supporting small independent business.

    Wishing you all Happy and Safe Holidays 



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