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    We've been around for a long time. We've seen the industry change and for the better. The industry standards for health and safety has come to the forefront in Canada. Health Canada has stringent regulations when it comes to sanitation practices. We fully abide and follow these policies for the health and safety of our clients and ourselves. 

    Now more than ever we have to make sure we all do our part to stay safe and healthy with the pandemic ( COVID19) There are some new guidelines we must adhere to and follow in order to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our clients and ourselves. 

    If we have any symptoms or just aren't feeling well, we will notify you to cancel and re book your appointment. WE WANT TO BE HEALTHY FOR YOU.

    We ask if you have any symptoms of COVID19 or have had COVID19 that you are following the guidance of public health.

    It is not permitted for anyone to enter the business if individuals have symptoms of COVID-19.  People who are sick or have signs of illness (e.g. fever, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, tiredness, shortness of breath) must self-isolate, call a doctor or healthcare provider.  Follow all municipal and local public health warnings, directions and recommendations related to COVID-19.

    Consult public health information to learn more about the symptoms of COVID -19 infection.

    ** To permit entry we require you to wear a mask (YOUR OWN MASK) please make sure it is clean and sanitary, and depending on what services are being performed you will be asked to remove the mask ie ( during a facial) or facial waxing.

    ** You must sanitize your hands with the sanitizer provided when entering

      or use our sink to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water.

    ** Please adhere to physical distancing when required

    ** Our entire space will be deep cleaned and steamed ( yes we steam!!! ) to ensure a healthy and safe re-opening...

    Waiting area will be closed and not available to the public. 

    Please come to your appointment alone.

    As of right now we are no longer permitted to have friends, family, children waiting for you while you have your services/shopping. 

    All magazines will be removed as well.

    We will not distribute snacks and beverages to customers. 

    You are permitted to bring single use drinks ( your own bottles are NOT permitted) No re-usable bottles allowed. 

    Please bring in only your wallet/phone/keys. Small handbag.

    No other bags and items are allowed at this time.

    If we have other clients. Please wait outside or in your car for your appointment until we get you. Feel free to knock on door/text/phone or ring doorbell. We are trying to avoid lineups at reception and trying to space out our appointments.

    Come to your appointment on time. As we need ample time to clean in-between clients.

    We are using true (HEPA) filters in the ventilation system, will try to increase fresh air intake, and open doors when possible.

    We have removed all our testers. If you want to test a product we will provide it to you, using one time use applicators. 

    We will remove items from high touch areas to limit the amount of touching. If you want to see something please ask and you shall receive. 

    Our entire space will be cleaned each and every day before opening including all high touch point areas to ensure a healthy, safe and sanitized environment. 

    Our washroom will be cleaned on a schedule to ensure it's always cleaned and stocked with the proper essentials needed to maintain health and safety environment.

    Each service area, treatment rooms and seating will be cleaned prior to clients appointments and in-between services we will follow all sanitation and disinfection protocols for clients, ourselves and shoppers.

    We will be wearing masks, face shield and gloves when appropriate and needed during your service appointments.

    We have taken measures to understand the proper handling of PPE application prior to and removal as well as proper hand washing performed before, after, and during each and every service.

    We have set up hand sanitizers in the entrance, front desk, manicure bar, treatment room area, washroom and areas where needed.

    To ensure social distancing we will be taking clients by appointment ( use our online booking system or call in ) and walk-ins ONLY when we don't have a booking or others shopping at the time ( Walk-Ins will have to adhere to our guest policies) ie wear a mask for services and for shopping. We are a small space and have pretty much always been a one on one environment which we love. We will be adding extra time and stagger appointments as to limit the amount of guests in our space to ensure cleanliness is being met each and every time.

    All high touch point surfaces including entry door, door knobs, light switches,  debit/credit machine, screens, counters will be sanitized and disinfected at all times. 

    Surfaces that come in contact with customers will be disinfected prior to and after each customer service performed. 

    We ask that you ask to see products before touching them as to avoid any spread of contamination to surfaces. We will ensure all hard surfaces, furniture are cleaned with appropriate products for disinfection eliminate fungal, bacterial and viral infections.

    If you are (trying on clothing) the items that you're not purchasing must be given back to us in order for them to be steamed and put aside for 72 hrs. There are no refunds at this time for any purchases.

    We only use stainless steel instruments and glass files that can be scrubbed with anti-bacterial soap and then placed in a medical grade solution that is recognized by Health Canada. We've always used medical grade solutions here. We don't skimp on the health of our clients. We never re-use anything that can't be sterilized and disinfected. We have stainless steel tubs for our pedicure stations that are scrubbed and cleaned with anti-bacterial soap and we use the highest medical grade solution after each service. 

    The "spa massage chairs" are a breeding ground for bacteria. We personally don't believe that you can clean them properly so we've never used them.

    Non - Sterile disposable gloves are worn for pedicures, facials and invasive waxing procedures.

    We never double-dip our wax. That's so gross!  

    We use disposable paper where needed and launder linens after each use. 

    We don't perform acrylics here. Not only are they bad for your nails but you're also ingesting those harmful chemical fumes. Do you ever wonder why the nail technician wears a mask and you're not?

    We look out for our clients safety. We want you to be safe and feel safe when you come here to get your services done. This is why we also don't work on clients with any fungus, warts, herpes or other communicable diseases. It's important that you tell us if you do have anything that may be harmful or transmittable to other clients or to ourselves.  You wouldn't want to get something passed onto you so don't do it to others. TYSM.

    We have to look out for each other. Please think of yourselves and us when booking your appointments and coming in. IF YOU FEEL UNWELL AT ALL. PLEASE DO NOT COME IN. RESCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT SO WE CAN ALL STAY SAFE AND HEALTHY