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    We've been around for a long time. We've seen the industry change and for the better. The industry standards for health and safety has come to the forefront in Canada. Health Canada has stringent regulations when it comes to sanitation practices. We fully abide and follow these policies for the health and safety of our clients and ourselves. 

    We only use stainless steel instruments and glass files that can be scrubbed with anti-bacterial soap and then placed in a medical grade solution that is recognized by Health Canada.  We never re-use anything that can't be sterilized and disinfected. We have stainless steel tubs for our pedicure stations that are scrubbed and cleaned with anti-bacterial soap and we use the highest medical grade solution after each service. 

    The "spa massage chairs" are a breeding ground for bacteria. We personally don't believe that you can clean them properly so we've never used them.

    Sterile gloves are worn for pedicures, facials and invasive waxing procedures. We never double-dip our wax. That's so gross!

    We use disposable paper and launder linens after each use.

    We don't perform acrylics here. Not only are they bad for your nails but your also ingesting those harmful chemical fumes. Do you ever wonder why the nail technician wears a mask?

    We look our for your safety and for the safety of your children whom we also cater too. We want you to be safe an feel safe when you come here to get your services done. This is why we also don't work on clients with any fungus, warts, herpes or other communicable diseases. It's important that you tell us if you do have anything that may be harmful or transmittable to other clients or to ourselves.  You wouldn't want to get something passed onto you so don't do it to others. TYSM.