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    Hydrodermabrasion Facial  also known as the HydraFacial is the newest in advanced skin care technology for outstanding cleansing, exfoliating, extracting all while hydrating at the same time.


    What is it? It’s basically a water based microdermabrasion system that has unique cleansing tips that provide dual action vacuum pressure with controlled water flow allowing it to moisten and loosen dead skin cells while lifting and extracting oil, dirt and blackheads to leave your skin smooth, plump and hydrated.  

    Do you know what kinds of toxins and gunk lurk underneath your skin? Or worse, how much of it is blocking your pores leading to unwanted breakouts and uneven skin. 

    Our system uses oxygenated water simultaneously with dermabrasion for deep cleaning and powerful suction combined with or without a peel solution mixture of AHA, glycolic, lactic and kojic to further exfoliate dry dead skin cells and unclog and minimize your pores. Deep cleaning your pores while detoxifying and flushing out excess oil and impurities all while hydrating your skin at the same time. We also use ultrasonic technology to help extract blackheads and infuse vitamins, serums, moisturizers deep below the surface of your skin allowing for better absorption and smoother and plumper skin. We also use oxygen that’s infused with vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts to boost collagen production making your skin firm, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, cell renewal and healing your skin. Restores your skins PH balance and deeply hydrates your skin giving it that gorgeous glow!

    The most famous part of the HydraFacial system is seeing all the stuff that is removed and collected from your face. We lovingly call it our "Gunk Jar". Our machines waste system collects all you're dead skin cells, oil, dirt and blackheads. It's really disgusting but super satisfying to see at the same time!

    We also use RF technology for skin tightening. This stimulates and regenerates collagen and elastin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles for firmer tighter skin. Promotes blood circulation, increases cell metabolism and activates enzymes.

    This is available with our “CELEBRITY FACIAL” treatment. 

    • Did you know that a HydraFacial is performed every 15 seconds somewhere in the world? That’s a lot of Facials!!!!

    Your skin will feel unbelievably clean, tightened, hydrated and super glowing!

    Even the most reactive skin types can use this treatment. Our treatment is completely customized based on your skin type and skin care needs.



    • We recommend initially a package of 3 to 6 treatments to give your skin that healthy glow that it deserves and of course for best results . Then maintenance every 1-2 months
    • Acne clients - one treatment every 10-14 days
    • Sensitive/Normal every 2-3 weeks
    • Home routine and SPF must be followed and maintained.



    • increases cell turnover
    • removes outer layer of dead skin
    • brightens
    • great for all skin types
    • refines the epidermis
    • helps with discolouration, uneven skin tones
    • may lessen the appearance of epidermal lines
    • reduced frequency and severity of acne
    • eliminates dry skin
    • removes blackheads
    • refines pore size and oil production
    • sun damage, age spots, uneven pigmented skin



    • skin may be temporarily flushed or tight depending on your skins sensitivity
    • skin will be brighter
    • skin will be plumper/tighter
    • skin will be hydrated
    • you will notice immediate results
    • skin is more susceptible to sunburn/sun damage you must
    • wear minimum SPF30 daily ( even when its cloudy)
    • avoid excessive sun exposure
    • saunas, whirlpools
    • excessive sweating.


    (*)   Please note all clients will be given pre and post care instructions

    There are some contraindications for HydraFacial and other skin care related treatments. Your skin care therapist will advise you if you are quantifiable for each treatment.





    60min - $230,  Package of 6 $1242

    This is an introduction to the HydraFacial experience.

    This facial includes a cleanse, hydro exfoliation with diamond dermabrasion and ultrasonic exfoliation. Oxygen infusion. Our standard face mask. Vitamin/acid infusion using ultrasonic. Finished off with moisturizer followed by SPF. 



    90min - $275,  Package of 6 $1485 

    This HydraFacial is for those who are in need of a really good deep cleansing facial and for those who want that glow.

    Includes cleanse, hydro exfoliation with peel, diamond dermabrasion, ultra sonic exfoliation and ADDITIONAL extractions if necessary. Oxygen infusion. Our standard face mask.  LED (low level light therapy) for acne/blemishes or for anti aging/skin tightening and all over brightening. Vitamin/acid infusion using ultrasonic. Finished off with moisturizer and SPF.



    120min - $330,  Package of 6 $1782

    Get ready to party with our famous facial that celebs, models and the who’s who have been getting.

    Includes Hydrodermabrasion done with our purifying peel, diamond dermabrasion and or ultrasonic for exfoliation and blemishes. Oxygen infusion to hydrate, smooth, plump and restore the PH balance in your skin. RF treatment to stimulate collagen production, reduce fine lines and wrinkles all while firming and plumping the skin. A cocktail of vitamins and acids are infused into your skin using ultrasonic technology. A customized peel off algae mask that includes face, eyes and lips. Followed by an LED treatment (low level light therapy) to stimulate and accelerate more collagen production, banish breakouts, brighten and even skin tone. Finished off with a customized blend of moisturizer, spf and vitamins. Now that’s one glowing face!!! Red carpet ready... Book into the beauty bar for this uber luxe treatment today.