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    Spring looks.....

    Spring looks.....


    These T Shirts are perfect for spring and summer. Not just plain jane tees. Some off the shoulder, others are rock inspired. Others have rip details and you just need to pair it with jeans, shorts or skirt. 


    This PEACE one is right up our alley. We love the color, the fit and the vibe.  

    And this PINK FLOYD is a classic.

    Get down tonight with this fun tank.


    And finally this whiskey, leather and vinyl tank . We love the 70s inspired font.


    Wear them dressed up or down. They are great for day of shopping or a night out. Even though we are going through a critical time right now with Covid19 and still practising social distancing. I thought I would still give you some looks to wear and so perhaps we can feel a little bit better about ourselves.

    Hope you all are staying safe, healthy and happy....

    We will get through this together.

    And while our shop is closed during this pandemic. Our online store is open 24-7. We have added lots items on Sale so take advantage while you can.

    Love you guys


    Makeup Brush Cleaning 101.....

    Makeup Brush Cleaning 101.....

    When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes?  

    What about your beauty blender?

    How about your other tools like your eyelash curler? 

    As a skin care therapist, one of the biggest skin care concerns I get is about breakouts. The first thing I ask clients is about their home skin care routine. If they wear makeup, how often and when the last time they cleaned their brushes, tools and sponges. 

    Guess what? The most common answer is "I can't remember". 

    As a professional skin care therapist I have to be honest. You can clean your face all you want but if you're going to apply your makeup with dirty brushes and sponges, which by the way harbour a ton of bacteria and mold. You're just asking to wreak havoc on your skin. Plugged pores, oily skin, breakouts, acne can all be due to using dirty and unsanitary tools. 

    I want you to have the best skin possible. To do that we need to start with the basics.

    Let's get started.

    Gather everything you use to apply makeup on your skin. Your brushes, sponges, and tools like eyelash curler.

    You will need a couple of bowls, clean towels and any of the following.

    1. Mild, gentle liquid soap or Baby shampoo

    2. Brush and blender liquid cleansing soap

    3. Solid brush cleanser

    Here I've used all 3 just to show you the difference. All do the same thing some may work a little better and some are just more convenient than others.

    For my larger brushes I just used a mild liquid soap. Rinse your brushes first in warm water to get a lot of the product off. I just used my container that I store my brushes in and filled it with some mild method soap and warm water.


    Make sure to add brushes only to where the bristles meet the handle. Super important not to fill past where the brush tip is glued. If you soak your brushes past this point,  over time they will damage your brushes as the glue loosens and your brushes will fall apart. You may have to soak your brushes for a bit depending on how dirty they are.

    Look how dirty this water was.....

    Keep using clean water and more soap every so often till water runs clear. 

    For my smaller brushes I used my gentle coconut cleansing balm. It is a solid brush cleanser. I love this for when I'm travelling. Wet your brush and swirl into the balm. Rinse, re shape brushes and lay flat to dry.


    Rinse, re shape brushes and lay flat to dry.

    For my beauty blenders, sponges. I use a liquid soap made specifically for these. Wet your beauty blender/sponge and distribute cleanser over sponge. Lightly squeeze and work into a lather for stubborn stains I poured a small amount into container and let them soak.


    Rinse. Lather. Repeat until sponges come clean. Squeeze out water and let them air dry on a clean towel. Look how clean these got.

    You should be cleaning your brushes, sponges and tools after each use but I know that most people can't be bothered so if you can at least do it weekly it's a step in the right direction. And a step to great skin.

    When was the last time you cleaned these tools? I bet some people have never cleaned these ever. 

    Wash those brushes and tools and see what a difference it makes onto your skin. Your skin will breathe better and honestly your makeup will apply better. Now go and clean the brushes dolls!!!!!




    In need of a new Makeup Bag? 

    We love this one for our handbag and it's on sale!






    Credit image: Pinterest

    Working from home is hard enough. Working in an unorganized, cluttered environment is awful. You don’t feel motivated and you're not as productive as you should be. Here are a few tips to help get your office space and yourself ready for spring.

    1. First and foremost you need a SPACE to work in or at. Whether it’s a separate room or a nook in your home. It needs to be a quiet area, away from the noise of the kids and anyone else in your home. Remember you're probably going to be in teleconference meetings, you don’t want your boss seeing the kids running up  saying “mommy I’m finished in the bathroom, can you wipe my butt” lol.....

    In saying this, make sure you get up and get dressed everyday as if you’re going to the office. You don’t want to be on zoom and your co workers and boss staring at your hair that you haven't washed in a week and your sweats covered in last nights spaghetti sauce stain. You will feel refreshed, clean and ready to conquer the world. Put on some lipgloss, do your makeup and hair. Daily habits  and routines are the fundamentals of life. 

    2. The actual space you're working in needs to have a comfortable desk and chair that you can work on. You will be working there for the duration of the day so make sure it’s a chair that’s good for your posture. Add a cushion for your back.  Have good lightning. Bad lightning and working on a screen all day is a recipe for a headache. Open up the blinds and get that vitamin D. Make sure to look away from your screen every so often. Grab a pair of blue light glasses while working at your screen to prevent tired eyes and eye strain. Sometimes your office may be in a basement where it's cooler, stay warm and cozy and organized with this STORAGE BASKET and fill it with a blanket and cushions like these I'M NOT A MORNING PERSON, WAKE UP AND BE AWESOME.

    3. Use your air pods or a good set of headphones so the kids know you're working and while you're at it put a sign on the door that saids “WORKING” or “IN A MEETING”. No interruptions......

    4. Set yourself work hours including breaks and lunch. When working from home you tend to forget what time it is and sometimes even forget to eat throughout the day. So make sure to schedule that in. Eat snacks rich in high protein and high fibre like protein bars, almonds or make your own protein balls. Make sure to have lunch and stay hydrated throughout the day

    5. Get some fresh air at lunch, working from home can be daunting. Step outside for a few minutes, grab a coffee or an ice water and breathe that air in. Do a couple of stretches. Sitting down all day isn't great for your posture or your health,  you need to get a bit of exercise so do some stretches while you're taking your break. Set a timer if you forget. It will remind you to take a few minutes to get up and stretch.

    6. Organize your space. Clear your desk of any clutter. Have a TO DO and DONE section for files. Set up your laptop and any other equipment ie. printer, headphones, planner, calendar, pens. Whatever tools you need make sure you have them. You don’t want to be running around the house trying to find a pen or printer ink. Use this BAG to organize pens or little things and add your lipgloss and HAND CREAM. You don't want to get distracted looking for these things. Having them right beside you so when you need them they are right there . Add this tray YOU GOT THIS to motivate you. And these adorable MAGNETS to your bulletin board to keep your daily reminders and notes. 

    7. Make your office pretty. If it looks inviting you will want to be in there and not make excuses as to why you can't work there. Add some plants. Add some cute desk accessories. Make it fun and not so stuffy. Here are some cool desk signs that will give you a giggle. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE CRAZY or I DON'T LIKE THINGS THAT ARE STRESSY. Check out our entire collection online.


    8. Make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day. You can use a traditional coffee/tea cup like this fun one I REALLY NEED A DAY. Or to keep your drinks hot or cold, I swear by any of the S’well bottles. Keeps your water cold for 24 hours and your hot drinks hot for 12. Here are a few of my favorite S'well bottles but tons more available on our website. S'well Traveller for hot drinks and for water or cold drinks S'well bottle.

    9. Use a diffuser in the room, it will make the air quality that much better. If you don’t have one just grab a bowl fill it with water and add some essential oil. 

    10. The night before. Write down everything that needs to get done for the next day. Stay focused on your daily tasks. If you don’t write it all down, you will forget what needs to get done. Once it's done, check it off. You will feel like you’ve accomplished what needed to be done.

    Hope you enjoyed these tips.